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For those of you who are new to From My Hear to Yours,
this is my

Happy Husband Project.

A dear friend started this when I had my forum for wives and she was gracious enough to allow me to use this title for my blog posts!  It’s my time to brag on my hubby and share a glimpse of who Mr. Handsome is with you!  Mostly it’s just something I love to do – where ever I can praise him, whether here or in real life to anyone who will listen – I do! 

It’s a habit I’m all too happy to have formed! 

Some of you know that I’m not that fond of birds – I love them, they’re pretty and all, I just don’t like it when they fly.  As you may recall, Booker had to do some SERIOUS talking to get me to agree to having turkeys…but for the most part I enjoy them. We had a great year with them last year and no major incidents of any kind.  Last week I went outside to check on the turkeys (they’re already about 15 lbs and taller than my waist) and there was one little hen being picked on…they’d pecked her neck until it was bleeding. 

There was NO WAY I was going in there!!!!

I am such a bad ranch wife…
so I screamed for Mr. Handsome to hurry up and rescue the poor turkey. He ran in and scooped her up and we isolated her from the big meanies. 😉  So she’s been in the barn healing.  Miss Songbird said we should name her
(even tho we’re going to eat her). 

“Mama, what should we call a bird that everyone picks on and that’s different from all the other birdies?” She asked.  Hmmmmmmm. “Ugly duckling?!”  No, that was not met with enthusiasm, “MAMA!!!!!”  Songbird LOVES this book called Crysanthemum written by Kevin Henkes. It’s about a little mouse with a long name and all of the children in the class tease her and make her feel awful about her name….until she meets Mrs. Delphinium – whom all of the children love!  Mrs. Delphinium exclaims how she LOVES the name Chrysanthemum and in fact, she names her baby after her!  It’s Songbird’s FAVORITE book of all time. 

“I think we should call her Chrysanthemum.”  
…and so we did. 

Now, Mr. Handsome broke his ribs in July and he’s been ever so careful since then to allow them time to heal (as much as he can while building a house).  However, yesterday he re-injured them and spent a good portion of the day resting.  Before he injured himself, he let Chrysanthemum, and her friend Penelope out of the barn to join the others outside catching grass-hoppers. Her debut back into the crowd with a big scab on her head (sorry I know that is gross…but it’s life on the ranch). I was pretty worried the others would be mean to her again, and I checked on Chrysanthemum 100 times thru the day! 🙂  In the evening, sporting a re-injured rib, Mr. H couldn’t pick Chrysanthemum up.  I had to catch said bird and CARRY her to the barn.

I do not carry turkeys!!!!!

However, I took one for the team and put her and Penelope in the barn with fresh feed and water.  It was then that I noticed her huge scab had fallen off and it was all raw and icky looking.

…come bed time, I was really worried that Penelope might begin to look at her dear friend Chrysanthemum as a pecking bag (with her fresh wound sort of open again).  I could see Mr. Handsome was tired, and sore…but I gave him my best – pretty please – look and he grabbed the flashlight and walked out to the barn with me to check on Chrysanthemum and Penelope. 🙂 I love him.

Yes, they were perfectly fine….sleeping big birds.  I wonder what Booker is going to say when he gets home to find out we named two of his birds?! Oh, I can’t wait – he’ll roll his eyes and pretend that it’s ridiculous but he’ll be happy we took such good care of them.

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever, that he was willing to walk out to the barn with me and check on the birds?
Mr. Handsome is my favorite husband!!!! 
Songbird always tells me “Mommy, he’s YOUR ONLY HUSBAND!”  Giggle.

Yup. A Happy Husband…

and I love him!

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1:47am.  I looked at the clock, my alarm was to go off in 13 minutes.  My bed was cozy and warm and my beloved was fast asleep beside me.  I carefully slipped out of bed…dragging my dead tired body out of my little haven.  I put my shirt on backwards in the dark and felt for my jeans.  In the porch warmed by a wood stove, I fumbled for my barn gear, grabbed the flash light and as I’ve done a hundred times before, I slipped out the door and began my 120 yard trek to the barn.

106M looks close.  I go to the barn to check on 144M, she is still stubbornly holding onto her calf. All is quiet. Nothing going on. No babies to put in the calf sleigh and tote to the barn. No Mamas that need help to get their calves out…another quiet night on the ranch.  My eyes are half closed. I begin to walk back to the house.  Relieved not to have to chase any cows into the barn on my own.

I look up and…there it is.
The most beautiful gift the North gives us and a reminder of why I love living here.

Aurora Borealis. Northern Lights.

I just stand there in the middle of the maternity pen with babies asleep in the cozy calf shed, all bedded down in warm straw while their mamas stand vigil – all looking at me to see why I’ve stopped mid-step in their yard.  It escapes them, the beauty…if I hadn’t needed to get up and check cows, I myself would have missed it.

I am transported back in time.  A little girl of just 7 walking home with her Momma, hand in hand from the school carnival. 

“Mom, look at the sky. Isn’t it pretty?”  I gaze in wonder.  “What is that?”

I look to her for the answers. She is so wise. So beautiful. She is my Momma.  “Those are the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.”  She replies.

“I think it looks like angels dancing in heaven…”  

In that moment, I can feel her hand in mine.  I open my eyes and stand there for a long time.  From the eyes of a little girl they looked like angels dancing and from the eyes of a grown woman and Momma of her own babes now, they are just as amazing!  I smile…just a little more grateful for having to drag my tired body out of my warm bed to check for baby calves.

I think back to that 7 year old girl.  All she dreamed of was being a wife, having babies to love and teach and…
living on a ranch.

I look one last time to the Northern Lights and sigh…

Dreams really do come true.

**photo credit to Robert Postma at  National Geographic, Canada Photos



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Well, it’s here…calving season at the ranch, in northern Canada.  It is a time of getting up all hours of the night to check cows and exhaustion…but also a time of sweet baby calves – bucking and playing.

Is this little guy cute or what?  Songbird names all of our baby calves – she named this one Smiley Pancake because of the brown strips by his mouth, it makes it look like he’s smiling!

Sigh…so sweet.

I love my life.

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Well, our turkey adventure comes to an end!

What fun we’ve had with them!  They were loads of fun as curious little chicks.  They made the most interesting noises as little peeps. As they got older, the kids figured out how to make them gobble and it was always so much fun to hear them!  They NEVER stop “talking”. I guess that is why they are so susceptible to predators.  For the summer, Booker let them out for the afternoon and put them away again just before supper.  I wish now that I’d taken more photos and video.  One day Songbird was playing in the yard when the turkeys came in and when I looked out she was herding them all back out to “the farm” as she calls it (the barnyard)…she had a little jean skirt on, her cowgirl boots and hat and she was singing at the TOP of her lungs as she herded them “home”. So sweet.  Since we had so much fun teaching them to run after us when we ran and whistled, they were really easy to put away each day!  I must say, I really enjoyed having turkeys…

Last night the kids loaded the 26 turkeys into the horse trailer. It was so rootin tootin cute!  I tried to get a picture by my batteries were non-existent! Blast!  The turkeys were as tall as Songbird and it was so cute to see her herding them into the trailer. She straddled them and put her little hands on their chests and the turkeys just quietly walked right into the trailer. It looked like she was riding them!  They sang all the way there.  They are so quiet from the kids playing with them for months.  Everyone was a little sad to see them loaded, such trusting little (big) creatures…

So this morning at 5am, Mr. H and Booker left to take them to the butchers, nearly 3 hours away.  The smallest hen was about 16 lbs and the largest tom was over 28 lbs. The butcher told Booker that he did a great job with the turkeys!  They have a really good finish on them.  Booker should be so proud of himself.  He has done a very good job with this project! 

He’s shown initiative, maturity and determination with this project!

Right now he and Mr. H are delivering the turkeys before heading home so that we do not have to freeze 26 turkeys!

Perhaps he’ll do this again next year…who knows!

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Hello friends. Forgive me if it seems I’ve abandoned you!  July is our busiest month with 4-H Achievement Days.  We’ll be leaving tomorrow and we’ll be spending several days there. I am excited, I love this time of year – and I love that we’re just about done for the year too!

I’m really proud of the boys this year. They’ve both grown so much and done so well.  This years steers are really quiet, they follow the kids around like puppy dogs and not much bothers them! Yesterday the kids got on their 1200 lb. steers and rode them!!  Booker nearly had a rodeo when he got on his Cutlet steer but he soon settled down. It was fun…




So off we go! I’ll see you in a week or so!

Blessings, Laurel

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This is a repost…with a few changes. You can find the original in Cafe Chat on the sidebar.

She’d already been through so much to get here.  Growing up in town, not having had animals around, having all she could ask for at her finger tips really…just moving here was adjustment enough.  When she met the man of her dreams, she owned two business’ of her own and work was all she knew.  She didn’t even own a pair of jeans.  She certainly wasn’t a country girl…though she’d dreamed of it many times. Ask anyone who knew her, they were all shocked that she’d fit so well into this new life…city girl to cowgirl.  As a child, all she had wanted was to get married and live on a ranch, have horses.  Yet, somehow in her dreams, it looked very different.  It was filled with romance and flowers…had God brought her here to stretch her?  She surely had done a lot of stretching; and yet was He expecting more of her now?

She sat on her bed, tears streaming down her face, this wasn’t her story.  She whispers, “but God, I’m not this girl…I can’t do this, I can’t follow my husband to that place.”

The knock on the door makes her wipe her tears away, “May I come in?” her mother asks.  She sits down beside her grown daughter and wraps her arms around her. Like so many times before, the little girl crumbles in the safety of her mothers arms.

“Mom, I can’t do this. I’m not the girl who can move from a beautiful little house and all that we’ve worked for here, to a plot in the mud…a place that’s water is so bad I can’t see my feet in the tub…I’m not that girl.” Fear and doubt begin to choke her and sobs pounded at her chest as they escaped.

“You are definitely that girl. If anyone is strong enough, it is you. You have no idea where you are headed and how good this will be for your marriage.”

Those words still ring in her mind as she looks out the window. The baby is crying again, her boots look like little cities, each one so clogged with mud that she can’t move. Daddy rescues her again.  The rain won’t seem to stop.  “Where are you God?”  She realizes her cheeks are wet again.  “I’m so alone. I’ve never been so alone…”  It had been three months since the move.  Still she had no phone and no computer to keep her connected with the world…she longed for her pretty flower beds and cozy little house – and happy little home.

“What have I done?”

Now fast forward, 7 years. She looks up from her Bible to see the horses grazing as the sun rises. Her home is filled with the silence of sleeping babies, not so little anymore.  She remembers back to that time, when she chose to follow her husband in this choice to move from his parents’ ranch, further up the road to what is now their home…with pretty flower beds and a lovely garden.  She thinks to how the garden of her marriage has grown into a beautiful sanctuary, a tapestry of love.
“You were right Lord, following my husband here was the best choice I’ve ever made in my life. Thank you for carrying me through that storm and showing me this sun rise…”

I was such a baby then, it seems. Totally ill-equipped to handle that situation…Making that choice was possibly the hardest thing I had done to date.  I was just learning what it meant to trust in God – to honor my promises to my husband in marriage and follow where he took me (instead of letting my heart lead).  I grew in that moment…and every moment since. God was (is) so lovingly faithful to that girl.

Mom, thank you for your love. Thank you for believing in me, encouraging me. I love you.

Thank You Father for this lovely reminder…how timely and precious to me. Continue to bless our home, our marriage and our babies as we pour into them…with a love that you continually pour into us.  I’m so blessed by how our home has become a sanctuary for others too.  I could not have dreamed, in the most beautiful dream, what you would give me in my obedience. I still count that as the most difficult thing I’ve ever done…you’ve taught me so much about honoring my love, my vows and this man you’ve given me as a gift.
I can’t imagine deserving him…if I work all of my life at becoming the woman he deserves, I shall never attain it. He is so good. He is mine.
Thank you Lord…

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Okay, if you are a mighty chicken lover, please do not send me emails accusing me of not being a loving person…we live on a ranch. Life and death happen.

We have quite a few roosters now, more than we need to have in our little hen house.  Most of them are quiet and respectful.  Scolding, our oldest and biggest rooster, just takes his little flock of ladies off by himself and never bothers anyone.  However, Graham Cracker is almost as big and he’s very rough, even breeding the little bantam hens (mushing then into the mud). I’ve had quite enough. SO I asked Mr. H to do away with Graham Cracker.  I don’t think he’s taking me seriously.

It’s true, I’m a terrible ranch wife. I cry when the sheep go to market and I name all of our calves.  EVERY chicken on our ranch has a name and we don’t dare mention the B word (butchering)!  They are pets and they give us eggs. My dearest friend Tina calls us Chicken Huggers.  Last week we came upon a wounded hawk and Monkey and I had to shoot it because Mr. H was at work. It was awful.  The beautiful bird was much too wounded to survive and he looked up at us with the most beautiful eyes…it was a kindness to shoot him. Yet I literally cried so hard I was a mess! So much so that Monkey (who’s even more tender hearted than I am) took the gun out of my hand and attempted it himself.  He was crying so hard that he had to keep wiping his little eyes before aiming again.  Mr. H called from work and we were crying our hearts out!  So perhaps it is for this reason that Mr. H did not take me seriously when I asked him to get rid of Graham Cracker.

In any case, I had finally had enough this afternoon and I marched out there with the gun in hand, determined to do the deed.  However, hating hunting as I do – I’m not the best shot and after 3 tries (and misses), we were both getting quite frantic!  Finally I had him cornered but he did the unthinkable – he flew right at my head!!!!!!  Did I mention that I’m terrified of birds when they fly?  Needless to say I screamed and the gun flew up and hit me right in the lip (don’t worry, the safety was on), splitting my lip open!!  Can you picture the scene?  Sheesh.

In the end, Booker (our 14 yr old) came home and ran to the chicken house, “WHO is screaming? Is everything okay?!”  Sigh.  He had to take over for me.

So my legs are shaking, my lip is fat and bleeding….


And my hens are safe again.  Yes, this is life on the ranch with a city girl gone country! Giggle.
If you want to hear more outrageous stories from a City Girl gone Cowgirl, check out the category to the right labelled just that.

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