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I won’t go into all of the details of how Baking and Praying came to be but check out this link for the full story (it will open in a different window).

In no time I’ll be off to another city to complete the last core of my Biblical Counselling Course…soon,

I’ll be a graduate!

Oh I’ve invested so much of my heart, my time, my prayers and love into the last 3 years, to get to this moment. I’m pretty excited!  So right now I’m preparing to be away from home.  I’m cooking as many meals as days I’ll be gone and Mr. Handsome won’t have to worry about meals whilst I am away.  I’m baking up some goodies so they can have a little sweetness too!  And as I cook and bake, I am praying.

Today I shared the story that you’ll find in the link above, with my Lil Songbird…as we baked together.  I told her how God transformed my heart and in doing so gave me a special way to pray!  As she patted and rolled, and filled the pie, I watched her little lips whisper innocent prayers to her Father above. The sweetest gift ever!

The Lord has burdened my heart of late with so many…I won’t name you all here but know that I am petitioning to the King of Kings on your behalf. My Loving Our Husband girls, all of you are on my hearts, always;  The sweet ladies who are blessing me with the opportunity to walk along side them as they journey; my beloved friend who lifts me, inspires me and loves me even when I’m ugly; my pastor and his family; A and his family and always, our city, the leadership and unity within…so many more that I couldn’t possibly name.

May His love fill you, may His grace be sprinkled throughout all you do, and as you grow in Him & follow Him, may He bless you richly along the way, find favor with you & open your hearts to His truths!

From My Heart to Yours, with love…


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I wanted to talk to you about something special and important today. When I think of Valentine’s Day

I think of the heart

Doesn’t the heart of every woman want to feel cherished, valued, and deeply loved? Don’t you want to know, without a doubt, that your husband thinks you are beautiful?

For many woman, Valentine’s Day is a day of dashing hopes, disappointed hearts and broken expectations.  Here in Boonsville, we are always calving when Valentine’s Day comes. This means we can’t leave the ranch and we’ve been up several times in the night, for weeks already. We’re exhausted.  There is no energy for romance.

For many years it was a long fall from my expectations on Valentine’s Day, to reality.

I began to pray

I prayed that God would reveal  romance to me. I prayed that He would show me the heart of my husband.

My mind went back to the day I was hurriedly cooking supper, which was late. The kids were hungry, the house was in disarray.  In walked my husband after a refreshing walk, with one single flower in hand. It was a Lady’s Slipper, a delicate orchid like flower that grows on the forest floor…named for its appearance.  This delicate flower looks like the slipper of a tiny forest princess.  Exasperated and harried, I put it in water and set it on the counter.

A whispering breeze…You are beautiful


Now I thought back to the time I was busy with schooling the children. Desperately concentrating on the mathematical mayhem before me, frustration building…

“Want to go for a walk?” he asks. “The sun is shining.”

He smiles at me.

A loving hug, a warm whisper…You are my sun. You are worthy of my time. I adore you.


I remembered the day I was picking up socks and gathering laundry when he gave me the smile; and shut the bedroom door.  Thinking to myself (but thankfully not speaking it), “ARE you kidding? Have you seen the pile of laundry out there?!”

A sweet embrace…I am enraptured by your love, entranced by your beauty.


Sometimes we miss the romance in the busy-ness of our day as Wife and Mom. Supper can wait. Math won’t go away. Laundry will still be there. The world won’t fall.

Take the time to embrace those moments. Appreciate the romance in them. Pray to hear the heart of your love.

My husband is sweet and thoughtful and thinks of all kinds of little details everyday to make me feel loved.  Don’t allow expectations to steal your joy on February 14th. It is not about the day.

It’s about the heart

I know that in my husband’s eyes, I am beautiful, valuable, and worthy of his time and affections…that he is enraptured with my love.

Solomon 1:14 My beloved is to me a cluster of henna blooms

In the vineyards of En Gedi

I know that my husband’s heart walks with mine

So, From My Heart To Yours – everyday, may the heart of romance wrap around you, and your marriage, like the gardens of En Gedi.

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to STAND…

Stand for what you believe in.

Stand for the ones you love.

Stand in the midst of adversity.

The other day we were at a family restaurant for breakfast.  There were two gentlemen sitting behind me and one was cussing up a storm.  I know, they’re just words – we tried to ignore it…but after about the 8th “F-bomb” the fellow dropped Mr. Handsome said in a quiet, calm voice –

“Excuse me, Buddy – I’ve got my wife and daughter here, do you mind having a little respect?”

I thought it was pretty cool…Lil Miss Songbird looked at the big men and smiled sweetly – she gave a little wave.  The boys looked at their dad and smiled, pride swelled in their hearts, I could see it. It was just one quiet comment, not made to embarrass anyone – just a stand.

I wonder what one moment of standing did for our children?  They saw their dad respect their mom and sister as he guarded our hearts. They saw the quiet way he went about it, still desiring to honor these gentlemen as men.

Courage to stand…I love this man…

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For those of you who are new to From My Hear to Yours,
this is my

Happy Husband Project.

A dear friend started this when I had my forum for wives and she was gracious enough to allow me to use this title for my blog posts!  It’s my time to brag on my hubby and share a glimpse of who Mr. Handsome is with you!  Mostly it’s just something I love to do – where ever I can praise him, whether here or in real life to anyone who will listen – I do! 

It’s a habit I’m all too happy to have formed! 

Some of you know that I’m not that fond of birds – I love them, they’re pretty and all, I just don’t like it when they fly.  As you may recall, Booker had to do some SERIOUS talking to get me to agree to having turkeys…but for the most part I enjoy them. We had a great year with them last year and no major incidents of any kind.  Last week I went outside to check on the turkeys (they’re already about 15 lbs and taller than my waist) and there was one little hen being picked on…they’d pecked her neck until it was bleeding. 

There was NO WAY I was going in there!!!!

I am such a bad ranch wife…
so I screamed for Mr. Handsome to hurry up and rescue the poor turkey. He ran in and scooped her up and we isolated her from the big meanies. 😉  So she’s been in the barn healing.  Miss Songbird said we should name her
(even tho we’re going to eat her). 

“Mama, what should we call a bird that everyone picks on and that’s different from all the other birdies?” She asked.  Hmmmmmmm. “Ugly duckling?!”  No, that was not met with enthusiasm, “MAMA!!!!!”  Songbird LOVES this book called Crysanthemum written by Kevin Henkes. It’s about a little mouse with a long name and all of the children in the class tease her and make her feel awful about her name….until she meets Mrs. Delphinium – whom all of the children love!  Mrs. Delphinium exclaims how she LOVES the name Chrysanthemum and in fact, she names her baby after her!  It’s Songbird’s FAVORITE book of all time. 

“I think we should call her Chrysanthemum.”  
…and so we did. 

Now, Mr. Handsome broke his ribs in July and he’s been ever so careful since then to allow them time to heal (as much as he can while building a house).  However, yesterday he re-injured them and spent a good portion of the day resting.  Before he injured himself, he let Chrysanthemum, and her friend Penelope out of the barn to join the others outside catching grass-hoppers. Her debut back into the crowd with a big scab on her head (sorry I know that is gross…but it’s life on the ranch). I was pretty worried the others would be mean to her again, and I checked on Chrysanthemum 100 times thru the day! 🙂  In the evening, sporting a re-injured rib, Mr. H couldn’t pick Chrysanthemum up.  I had to catch said bird and CARRY her to the barn.

I do not carry turkeys!!!!!

However, I took one for the team and put her and Penelope in the barn with fresh feed and water.  It was then that I noticed her huge scab had fallen off and it was all raw and icky looking.

…come bed time, I was really worried that Penelope might begin to look at her dear friend Chrysanthemum as a pecking bag (with her fresh wound sort of open again).  I could see Mr. Handsome was tired, and sore…but I gave him my best – pretty please – look and he grabbed the flashlight and walked out to the barn with me to check on Chrysanthemum and Penelope. 🙂 I love him.

Yes, they were perfectly fine….sleeping big birds.  I wonder what Booker is going to say when he gets home to find out we named two of his birds?! Oh, I can’t wait – he’ll roll his eyes and pretend that it’s ridiculous but he’ll be happy we took such good care of them.

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever, that he was willing to walk out to the barn with me and check on the birds?
Mr. Handsome is my favorite husband!!!! 
Songbird always tells me “Mommy, he’s YOUR ONLY HUSBAND!”  Giggle.

Yup. A Happy Husband…

and I love him!

If you like this post, you may enjoy some of my other silly stories about one city girl gone rancher! 
Check out my categories on the right and see “City Girl to Cowgirl”.

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THIS is the reason I’ve been quiet as a church mouse on my blog – though I do tend to write less in the summers…

we’ve been building. 

We decided that we need more room and we’re working very hard at reducing debt so we didn’t want to purchase or build a whole new home.  We’re okay with going slowly and doing what we can afford right now.  So we decided to build an addition to our home.  It will make our one story home into an L shape.  We have never done anything like this before and I’ll admit, it’s been a bit daunting.

Here is the floor all finished.  It really started to take some shape for me here. We parked our holiday trailer in the drive for some shade and a place to have a cool, refreshing drink. The temperatures were HOT!

We were really surprised and blessed when our neighbor arranged a big work bee crew to come and raise the walls.

Now the exterior walls were up, we needed to get the interior walls done so we could put the trusses up.  One day a friend came and helped us out and other than that, Mr. Handsome and I were on our own. It was a LOT of fun to build together.  Mr. H already had some fantastic rough drawings done up months before we started to build so it was pretty easy to envision things that way – we made a few minor changes to the plans that I think will make a big difference to the finished look of our home. 

We have had some fantastic weather.  In fact one of the days we were building, we were making silly mistakes measuring ect….when I noticed that we’d taken a box of the kids’ crayons out to mark out on the floor where some of the furniture would go – and they MELTED!  The thermometer only went to 50 C (that is more than 120 F) and it was above that. 

Definitely time for a siesta!~

We have had lots of good help. Here Songbird and her Maplelea Girl, Miss Brianne, are giving Dad a hand measuring and hammering!


While we were keeping track on the forecast, we decided to put up a tarp just in case…and just in case came soon enough! 


I was really happy for our ShopVac so Mr. Handsome and I could vacuum up the water that seeped through the tarp to create small lakes on our beautiful new floor!  We must have vacuumed up 40 gallons of water off this floor!  I was extremely appreciative of my positive, cheerful husband who kept me grounded while I was grumpily vacuuming.

So, if you notice I’m negligent in writing for a bit,
you’ll know why!~

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I just came from a weekend filled with love.  In May I was a care-giver in a course called “Pain of the Heart”.  It was a sweet blessing to me to be able to care for the ones who’ve just begun their journey of healing – as I continue on my own. I invited all of the women from that course out to my house, to stay in the Sanctuary – and share our hearts.  Not all of them were able to come but…

Mr. Handsome blessed our socks off by cooking for all of us ladies on Friday night, then he started a fire for us while the kids cleaned up. We sat and talked til 1am…oh what a sweet time of fellowship.  I was asking them where their hearts were, how they doing since the course and if they were able to stay engaged and get through some of their hearts’ wounds.  The conversation was rich.  At one point, one of the ladies asked a question that kept me up until 4am praying…she asked,

“What do you do when you love someone and they just can’t seem to receive it?”

I thought of a post I read on Ann Voskamp’s site called Because Hard Days Are White Horse Days.  Please check out that link and read her post (it will open in another window).  She writes,

“Sometimes it’s hard to look love square in the eye and accept the acceptance.”

Have you ever offered someone love and they just can’t seem to receive it?  What do we do with that?  I think these are the White Horse Hours.  We have to keep offering the love and pray that God will give us grace, that He’ll soften the heart of the one we love and above all – we have to know that we see just

“a sliver of the sum, swaying behind us there in a whisper of wind.” (Ann Voskamp)

…but God sees the heart; both theirs and ours. 1 John 3:20.  He does not want us to turn away from one another but to love one another…to look love in the face and receive the acceptance that comes with that.  Sometimes we’re the ones offering that love and sometimes we’re the ones who can’t receive it from someone else; sometimes we’re both.

One of my sweet sisters said:

“You can always tell when God is first in someone’s life because you can sense it in them. You can see it in how they serve others, they are about others. You want to be around them because they are so filled with the love of God, with a sense of peace. They are living out the fruit of the spirit.”

Wow. Isn’t that beautiful?  I want God to be so evident in my life and heart that I can look love in the face and receive it – that I can pour it out in a way that brings God all the glory

because in my own strength, I can’t do either.

I think before we can commit our hearts to looking love in the face – in the giving and receiving – we have to remember to

commit our hearts to Him who loves well.

This is for my beloved sisters who spent the weekend with me, you all know who you are…and for Kristal who didn’t get to come.
Look love in the face.
Give it and receive it with all the passion God has for you, in His fullness…
To His glory.
From my heart to yours – with love.

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I love “vehicle moments”…the other day Lil Miss Songbird and I were driving to a community wedding shower.  Driving anywhere out here in Boonsville is a relatively long adventure so it was 25 mins to the community hall.  She is 8 now and she’s going through a stage of wanting to hear lots of good things about herself and others.  So she said, “Mommy let’s play a game.  I’ll say something I love about you and you say something you love about me.” …and so it began. It was so fun and wonderfully sweet. 

Then she said  “Let’s play about Daddy.”  Here are some of her loves;

I love that Daddy loves nature and animals, just like me.

I love that Daddy loves pussy willows, just like me.

I love that when Daddy gets cross with me, he gets over it really fast and…

I know he loves me all the time.

I love that his personality is just like mine. He is quiet and kind.

I love that he loves life, just like me.

So sweet…we should play these games more often. In fact, I intend to be intentional about it! Our kids need to hear good things about themselves.  They need to learn the art of speaking good things about others.  We all do!

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