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I was having (virtual) coffee with a friend this morning – on her blog in Texas – and she has been discussing seasons. I had so much fun meeting Shelly in September when she traveled from Texas to northern Canada to speak at our ladies retreat. It almost made one giddy to watch her walk up the hill from her little cabin to the hall, taking pictures all along the way. What a whole new thing for her to experience, for us to experience with her … and JUST FOR HER, God let it snow while she was here (yes, in September). I wished I had been able to see her face when she awoke to snow.


This is our little cabin right in the heart of fall. Isn’t it beautiful?

Shelly’s got me thinking. Season’s aren’t always fun or beautiful.
Sometimes they’re hard. Yet they are ever changing, bringing with them a reminder of what we’ve come out of and a glimpse of what we’re heading into.

I received lots of comments and emails from my last post – welcoming me home, it’s been a long time since I’ve written much here. I’ve been in a season of quiet rest. A season where I needed to lay things down and just rest in what He has for me next.
Refilling. Restoring. Life inpouring. Amazing.

No matter what season we are in, God never leaves us there. He puts people in our lives who He can speak to us through, who can touch our hearts, allowing us to touch theirs.


I’ve been looking at Genesis with my kiddos, and the wonders of creation. God is a god of order. He spoke into chaos and created. The thing about the order of God’s creation is that it always depended upon what came before and prepared for what was yet to come.
Aren’t seasons a perfect reminder of this?

Bless you in whatever season you are in. Knowing that the living, breathing God of the universe is there with you.  While seasons change, He never does.

Hey you might want to hop over to Texas and have coffee with Shelly too! May she touch your heart, as she has touched mine…


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Kindness is a language that the blind can hear and the deaf can see.

Just wanted to share that with you today 🙂

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Prayer request

Quick note today friends…

Booker has to go in for a day surgery today. 

May I ask for a prayer covering for him…and me. I don’t do all that well when my babies have to undergo such things.

I appreciate you.
Thank you.

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Well here I am again, bragging on my love! 

I LOVE this man!

Mr. Handsome has been working a fair bit these last weeks. That means he’s gone when the kids get up and he comes home just as we’re eating supper, a short time with the kids before bed and then off again the next day!  The kids miss him…I miss him too.

So yesterday he spent the afternoon working with the boys and their 4-H steers. They are training them to lead and practicing being tied up.  The boys can do this on their own now – even though their steers are a whopping 1000 lbs already!!!  The kids tied their steers and spent an hour or so brushing them, quieting them.  All the while, Mr. H stood by and talked about all kinds of things that boys and dads talk about.  By now, Lil Miss Songbird was feeling quite sorry for herself as she’d missed out on time with Dad.  So he helped her put the pink halter on her sheep and she led her around for 1/2 hour or so.


 Then he got this creative idea. Years ago when we had an Akita dog, Mr. Handsome built this little wooden mush sleigh and we used to walk the dog pulling the boys as babies.  So he went and found the harness and sleigh and harnessed Belle up to it!  She really didn’t mind at all and pulled all of the kids around for an hour! What fun…and Songbird was thrilled, she got Daddy’s time to do something special.  Of course he fussed and fussed over how well she’d trained her sheep and how well she has gotten her to lead!

Sigh. I really do love this man…





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I wonder what you are doing right now dear friends?  Do you slumber as I write?  Are your church cloths laid out in wait?

Tonight I am watching the snow blow and the temperature drop.  I won’t be able to go to church tomorrow. Over two hours (one way) on the roads with babes, with a windchill of a predicted -41, it isn’t safe to travel.  I haven’t been to church now since November 19th.  Oh, how I am longing to be with my church family, to receive the gift of worshipping with others.

So tomorrow I will sit by the fire, Bible in hand.  I will snuggle my babes. I will remember the gift that it is to be able to go to church.

Do you know how blessed you are if you weren’t able to read this until you arrived home from church?

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Merry Christmas 2010

It’s snowing outside, here in Northern Canada.

I just wanted to stop in here for coffee, with you.  Thank you dear friends for visiting me here, for sharing your time with me; many of you for sharing your hearts with me through email.  I’m so blessed by my readers. I appreciate each one of you.

My prayer for your this Christmas is that He will breathe beauty into your marriages, into your families and your hearts.  A year is coming to a close and I pray that as you remember the year that has passed, you’ll look forward to one that is coming. May He bless you richly dear friends.

All my love, Laurel

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I’ve been thinking about a very special young lady whom I had the pleasure of getting to know in my Core.  She’s given me permission to share this with you all. She said something that touched something deep within…she has experienced more heartache than any young girl should.

“I’m afraid to dream.”

My heart broke hearing her say that; seeing the tears in her eyes as she let me into that painful place in her heart.  I’ve been on my knees for her ever since. 
As a mother, I know my heart for my own children – how I long for them to have the desires of their hearts.  As big as my love for them feels, it’s incomparable to His.  So if I desire this for my children, how much more does He desire for me – and for you?!

Proverbs 13:12 NLT
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

I can just picture climbing up into my Heavenly Daddy’s lap and telling Him the deep desires of my heart. He wants to hear our dreams. He doesn’t want us to believe the tricks of the enemy – being a Christian is not enslavement; it’s a celebration of Him, for Him. It’s joy, it’s dancing. Yes, sometimes it’s heart ache and mourning but He brings beauty for ashes.  His heart walks with mine, and yours too!  Let Him dream with you. Don’t hold back your true heart from Him. Give Him the gift of allowing Him to fulfill your dreams – to show you that He is big enough! 

When discussing this with another dear friend, she said something that I thought was too beautiful not to share. She said that if our heart’s desires don’t line up with God’s, He won’t give them to us – because He loves us that much….but He won’t forget them either. He will align our hearts with His; our dreams with His.

So this is my challenge to you. Write down 100 dreams. Not just dreams for GOD or your walk, like you want to make a difference in the world. That is a great dream, but give Him some of your dreams too; like “I want to swim with dolphins.”

I’m going to be honest here, by #5, I was out of breath!  Coming up with 100 dreams is going to be a challenge. 

As I’ve prayed for Loretta, God began to speak to me…

Dare to Dream

Please respect this lovely photo that Loretta took and
do not use it without permission.

I gave her these flowers to remind her that flowers die but the dreams she puts in Christ’s hands won’t…He delights in her, is enthralled by her beauty!!!! 
Dare to Dream sweet Loretta. My heart walks with yours…

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